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  • Transmission Problems Solved on 50 year old Amphibious Truck

    Mark Chapman,has been the proud owner, since 2000 ,of A 1969 'Alvis Stalwart' FV 622 Amphibious Military Truck -affectionately known as a 'Stolly'.

    His ambition is to keep this historical vehicle in full working order; maintaining the same level of performance as when it was still in service with the 'BAOR in the sixties! Knowing the historical role of this military vehicle, Mark is continuing to use its unique capabilities in his own private adventure by exploring the hills,rivers and out-bound areas of the UK.

    The Problem

    Mark was concerned with the performance of the vehicle, it would take 2 to 3 miles before the gear oil in the transmission had warmed up sufficiently for the 'Stolly 'to accelerate, and, the bevel box and wheel station seals were leaking!

    The Solution

    In 2007, Mark approached 'Cougar' to see if improvements could be made to the performance of the transmission and also reduce leaks from the bevel box and wheel station seals.

    Cougar recommended replacing the existing Military Spec. gear oil in the Alvis Stalwart transmission with Cougar 600-220 Semi-Synthetic, Heavy Duty, Long Drain Gear Oil. To reduce Seal Leaks the use of Cougar 918 Seal Restorer was recommended.

    The Result

    10 years later, the 'Stolly' Is still running on the original Fill of 'Cougar' 600-220. The Transmission has never been so smooth during the gear changes and gear oil temperature has been reduced . No Downtime has occurred!

    Since adding 'CG 918' Seal Restorer, leaks from the 'The Transmission Seals' have been significantly reduced .

    The 'Stolly' now moves much easier when cold, most Stalwarts would take 2-3 miles for the Gear oil To warm up, but using 'Cougar' it accelerates immediately, even on an incline .

    As Mark says "The Performance of 'Cougar' is Remarkable, it has eliminated drips, we are now Eco-Friendly!"

    Mark, who relies on 'Cougar' High Performance Lubricants Says 'We like Dealing with 'Cougar' they're great Guys to work with".

    Our thanks to Mark Chapman for this testimonial .