Industrial Lubricants

  • Theydon Bois GC Reduce Maintenance Costs By £1250 Per Month

    Theydon Bois Golf Club, designed by James Baird in 1897, is steeped in tradition with its 21st Century style in a historic setting. A captivating course, naturally nestled in the heart of Epping Forest, so close to London.

    James has been a member of the Green's staff for over 20 years. Upon becoming course manager in 2012, he asked Cougar to assist him in reducing maintenance costs; lubrication, labour, bearings and spare parts.

    The club operate a fleet of tractors, power greens and fairway mowers plus other ancillary equipment.


    The standard recommended commercial 'Blue' Grease was dripping and running out, in many cases “burning off”, despite greasing intervals recommended at every 2 hours/10 man hours per week.

    The grease was not protecting the moving metal parts as it should. Replacement bearings and spare parts were continuously being purchased .

    Total maintenance and downtime costs could reach close to £1000 in a 7 day week.


    In June 2012, Cougar recommended the use of CG8512S Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease to replace the recommended commercial “Blue” grease which was in general use.


    The positive benefits of CG8512S immediately became apparent, the 2 hourly daily grease interval has been safely extended to 7 day weekly maintenance, representing an annual cost saving of £15,000!

    James says “No longer do we suffer the continual frustrations of downtime, the long wait for spare parts and costly repairs”.

    Less grease, fewer repairs, less downtime, less man-hours, less mechanical failures on moving parts, bearings not wearing out hence less spare parts and extending the life-cycle of equipment.