Industrial Lubricants

  • TMG Grease Usage Down By 70%

    SNCFT operate a fleet of GM, GE, Bombadier Locomotives on their important, long distance, commercial routes in Tunisia, North Africa.

    SNCFT provide both Passenger and Freight distribution nationally with commercial services on routes from Tunis to Bizerte, Sousse, Kaserine, Sfax, Gabes and many other destinations.

    These Locomotives, which are always operating at maximum, need to withstand the harsh climatic conditions of the North African Deserts where ambient temperatures can reach 55°C and reduce to -5°C during cold winter nights.

    To increase Locomotive reliability, and to meet their demanding timetables, Cougar was asked to design a TMG Grease which would not only operate under these severe conditions but reduce the consumption of TMG Grease.

    Cougar designed and proposed, Cougar 8999 Synthetic TMG Grease, a fully synthetic grease developed to provide extended re-greasing intervals and extend gear life.

    The trial of Cougar 8999, took place in the Traction Drive Motor Gearboxes of GM Locomotive GT552 in May 2012, against a leading brand of TMGG and the results were conclusive.

    Cougar 8999 Synthetic TMG Grease reduced Lubricant consumption by approximately 70% over a 30,000KM trial period.

    Periodic inspections were carried out at 2500 Kim's intervals throughout the 30,000 km trial.

    There was no identifiable wear in the gearbox, running Temperatures were all within the OEM guidelines.

    CG 8999 Synthetic TMG Grease is packaged in hermetically sealed 1lb transparent plastic envelopes which can be easily inserted into the drive gearbox aperture for recharging when necessary.

    In addition, other Locomotive scheduled maintenance is also carried out at the main Tunis SNCFT workshops.