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  • GTE - Proven Benefits On Trailer Maintenance

    General Trailer Engineering (GTE) offer their customers the complete Trailer Package; from trailer fabrication and repairs, ABS diagnostic suspension repairs, to damaged axle repair, for clients such as Scania, Volvo and Mertrux. from their recent £160,000 refurbished VOSA compliant workshops near Swadlincote, Derbyshire.

    Des Allen - Managing Director has built a reputation throughout the haulage industry for quality and reliability.

    A major part of GTE’s business is the trailer service contracting for clients such as CVL, a commercial vehicle management company who manage large fleets for Arla foods, Tesco and Morrisons among others.

    They also service and repair trailers for Freight Management Europe ltd, GBA logistics, Trucklink Ltd, and many more. Des Allan estimates that they regularly service up to 1000 trailers per year on trailer service contracts.


    When trailers using commercial Lithium EP Greases returned for service, the grease would be "black, without texture, making any further strip down of the Hubs very difficult and time consuming.


    GTE changed to using Cougar 8000-2 Protean semi-Synthetic Grease WT EP 2.


    Des immediately saw the advantages of using Cougar 8000-2 Semi-Synthetic, water repellent adhesive grease and implemented a policy of using CG8000-2 in all of their trailers on maintenance contracts.

    Over the years Cougar 8000-2 has now been used in all trailer hubs and bearings, cams and bushes.

    As Des says "Cougar 8000-2 reacts better to high temperatures and from our experience, when used regularly on our customers trailers, stripping down the hub is no longer an issue! If further maintenance is required.”

    “Cougar 8000-2 remains consistent in colour and texture far longer than other grease manufacturers products we have used and now we would only ever use this grease.”