Industrial Lubricants

  • Boom Re-Greasing Intervals Extended

    Shiptons Recovery Services Ltd is a family run business which has been operating, successfully, for over 60 years from their main operation centre in Foston near Derby.

    Included in their fleet of 8 recovery vehicles are three large underlifts, which are used to rescue large commercial trucks, vans, buses and coaches from the roadside.

    These underlift recovery trucks have extendable booms which are heavily loaded with a retracted weight limit of approximately 20 tonnes, to 8 tonnes when the boom is fully extended.

    The underlift recovery trucks are operating in a very harsh environment, all year round; subject to rain, road salt, mud, grit, heat, ice and their reliability is vital to the success of the company.

    Maintenance is critical to keeping Recovery trucks on the road in all weathers and the lubrication of the extendable booms was a major concern to Managing Director - Phillip Shipton.

    Phillip noticed that the commercial EP grease he used to lubricate the booms, not only washed off, but also appeared to dry out and needed constant re-greasing to prevent excessive wear, rust, corrosion, and to ensure that the booms would operate at their optimum performance.

    After reading the “Steve Foster” web article on the success of Cougar 8450 boom grease, Phillip contacted Cougar’s local engineer for advice, and decided to trial CG8450 on the underlift recovery vehicles extendable booms.

    Cougar 8450 is a Semi Synthetic, highly adhesive, water resistant, extreme pressure Grease, especially designed to protect the wear pads on both lattice and mobile crane telescopic Booms.

    Cougar 8450 utilises thin film technology and can be applied by brush, spray or by roller through the patented “Lube Tools Boom Greaser” equipment.

    Due to its water resistance, CG8450 adheres to metal services, doesn't dry out and harden; protecting the company’s valuable capital equipment and ensuring that they are available for work all year round.

    Since switching to Cougar 8450 wear, rust and corrosion are things of the past, and the re-greasing intervals are now approximately 6 to 8 weeks in winter and 10 to 12 weeks in summer.

    Phillip says “I’ve now used CG8450 Boom Grease for several years. I certainly recommend it for this application; I wouldn't use anything else to protect my valuable booms."

    Our thanks to Phillip Shipton and all the employees at Shiptons Recovery Services for their help in preparing this article.