Industrial Lubricants

  • Recycling plant – Reduces Downtime Costs by 50%

    Easy Load Ltd, who are based in Dartford Heath, have been providing Waste Management Services to South East London, Essex and Surrey since 1968.

    To maximise efficiency, Mr Tom Lee – Director, has made major investments in developing a highly effective modern plant with the sole purpose of increasing the capacity for segregating General Waste.

    Easy Load operates a Haas Tyron 2000XL Shredder Recycling System which handles 2000 tonnes of segregated waste every day.

    Operations include a fleet of Scania, Iveco, Man, and Mercedes Benz Skip lorries, many with “Roll On/Roll Off “ and “Walk On” facilities, plus Volvo and Liebherr mobile waste handling equipment for waste distribution around the plant.

    All Mechanical plant Operations and Maintenance is managed by Mr Nathan Ives - Transport and Plant Manager, who has been using Cougar Lubricants for over 12 years.

    Commercial greases used to drip and run, causing severe rust, corrosion and wear on many of the moving parts.

    Bearings were failing, with downtime reaching £2000 per hour, this was unacceptable!

    Mr Nathan Ives wants Innovative Solutions for his plant and fleet maintenance; those that are “Proven” to be advantageous.

    Cougar recommended the use of Cougar 8000 -1 / 8000-2 Protean WT EP Greases, on the CLS systems on Skip lorries and all ground equipment where specified.

    Cougar Series 8000 are Technically Advanced, Semi-Synthetic greases especially designed to withstand water washout, vibration and shock loading in both summer and winter.

    Improved Lubrication, led to extended lubricant life and conveyor belt drive shaft bearing temperatures were reduced. Less friction, Less Heat, Less wear!

    Owing to the success and reliability of Cougar 8000, Mr Nathan Ives chose Cougar Lubricants for his “New” 'Haas Tyrone 2000XL Lincoln CLS system.

    Since its installation and commissioning, only Cougar High Performance Lubricants are used, both in the Lincoln CLS systems and those applications which require manual greasing.

    Since using Cougar Lubricants maintenance downtime has been reduced by 50%. Re –Lubrication intervals, and the life cycle of Equipment and Vehicle parts, have been extended.

    Cougar is proud to supply “Performance Lubricants” to 'Easy Load ' who will soon celebrate 40 years of waste management services to 'London'.