Industrial Lubricants


    Ingestre Golf Club, close to Stafford, is a parkland course, located in what must be one of the most beautiful settings in the West Midlands. This demanding course, which hosts many county matches as well as welcoming golf societies, is now celebrating over 100 years since the formation of the Club.

    Ian Davies – Head Green Keeper and Alan Jones – Mechanic, have used our products since 1998. Over the years they have introduced a policy of using environmentally friendly products wherever possible to protect their greens, fairways and the courses’ stunning foliage and habitat.

    With this policy in mind they approached their local Cougar Lubricants Sales Engineer for advice as to what environmental friendly hydraulic oils would be recommended for use in their Jacobson fairway and greens machines.

    After studying all the relevant issues Cougar 4080-32 Biodegradable hydraulic oil was chosen and in the spring of 2015 the oil was filled to the clubs Jacobsen LF 3800 fairway machine and their Jacobsen Gplex III and GP 400 greens machines.

    Cougars 4080-32 Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil is formulated from naturally refined rape seed oil incorporating an advanced additive system, which unlike some other rape seed oil based, biodegradable Hydraulic oil products, in the market place, does not gum or fir up machine hydraulic systems. Cougar 4080-32 is able to withstand the high temperatures generated by these hydraulic systems and thus ensures that machines are able to operate normally for long periods.

    In the summer of 2015 a Jacobsen LF 3800 fairway machine suffered a major failure on the approach to the tenth green when a bolt on the Hydraulic oil filter sheared. The machine was brought to a stop causing a large oil puddle on the approach to the green. The machine operator, in trying to get the machine back to the course maintenance shed, unfortunately left a 300mm wide by 200 metre oil spill trail across the tenth fairway, until the machines 32 litre capacity hydraulic oil tank was empty and the machine came to a standstill.

    Although the grass was discoloured, usually it would have been left to grow out, but on this occasion it was decided by the green keeping staff that, as it was such a large spill, and in such a visible location, that it would be best to re-turf the whole spill area. As it was only necessary to remove a very shallow depth of turf, the process was relatively easy to complete.

    As the sub soil was not contaminated, the new turf soon established itself, the repair is almost invisible, as can be seen from the photograph of the LF 3800 standing on the approach to the tenth green. As Alan Jones remarked "as I have come to expect from a Cougar product, its’ high performance met our high expectations, as the cost of this spill would have been so much worse if it had been a conventional toxic hydraulic oil spill"

    Our thanks to both Ian and Alan and all the members of the green keeping staff at Ingestre Golf Club for their help in compiling this article.