Industrial Lubricants


    Vertical Transportation Ltd, based in Bedfordshire, operate a comprehensive range of Tower Cranes, Passenger/Goods Hoists and ancillary light equipment, in Europe, the Middle East and African continents. The equipment range includes Tornborgs, Alimak, Kroll and Linden-Comansa Tower Cranes.

    Directors: Mr Ray Balach and Mr Tom Newell established the business in 1980 on the basis of their combined knowledge and hands-on experience in the crane industry.

    During 1996 Cougar Lubricants met with Mr Ray Balach who was interested in improving the maintenance procedures on “Tower Cranes”. Grease was either melting or washing out of the enclosed Sheaves Bearings and Bushes.

    With Tower Cranes heights up to 60 metres and Gibs up to 90 metres, one needs to take extreme caution when carrying out maintenance repairs and servicing, in all weathers, on different continents.

    Cougar recommended the use of Cougar 8000 WT EP2 grease on all the Crane Sheaves Bearings and bushes.After a few months, following a detailed inspection of the Bearings and Bushes, it was clear that Cougar 8000 grease had lasted 3 times longer than the previous conventional grease and more importantly Cougar 8000 had protected the expensive Bearings and Bushes from extreme wear and metal fatigue.

    In The Middle East and Africa, Passenger/goods Hoist Gearboxes need added protection in ambient temperatures in excess of 45 degrees centigrade; Oil can search through the Gearbox Seals which causes serious engineering problems and expensive downtime, Cougar recommended the use of Cougar 600-220 RE Semi-synthetic Gear Lubricant. The result has been impressive; Cougar 600-220 has withstood the high ambient temperatures in these extremes environments.

    Gearbox wear has been substantially reduced, oil life has nearly quadrupled. A real “Plus” for Vertical Transportation’s global markets where performance, reliability, integrity and safety is paramount.

    It's now 20 years later, and Cougar products continue to provide reduced maintenance costs to Vertical Transportation Ltd