Industrial Lubricants

  • Worldwide Recovery - Flat Beds Downtime Costs Reduced by 50%

    Worldwide Recovery Systems Ltd, based in London, has been building specialist recovery and tow trucks for 40 years; since 1966!

    They design and build the bodywork and lifting gear onto a variety of production Chassis, ranging from 2.5 to 44 tonnes, brands include Mercedes-Benz, DAF, Isuzu, Iveco and Mitsubishi.

    Service vans are on call 24 hours a day to keep customers recovery services running efficiently.

    From their location close to the M25, Worldwide Recovery Systems provide a 24/7 vehicle recovery operation to ensure the smooth running of motorways at all times. The scope of their operation includes Europe as well as the UK.

    Mr Jason Peters, Manufacturing Compliance Manager and Mr Manuel Goncalves, Purchasing Manager, wanted a more reliable lubricant for their vehicles. Their policy is to increase vehicle “uptime” at all times, both day and night.


    Commercial Grease applied to the metal sliding surfaces of the subframe; critical to the smooth and safe loading of a broken down vehicle, was washing off due to tough, wet road conditions and shock loading. This caused impaired operation, increased rust, corrosion and wear on expensive parts.


    In 1999, Worldwide Recovery Systems switched to using Cougar 8000-2 Protean WT EP 2 Grease. A technically advanced, Semi-Synthetic Grease especially designed to withstand water wash-out, pound out, vibration and shock loading in wheel bearings and Chassis points.


    Since changing to CG8000-2 WT EP 2 the grease stays in place, does not run or drip! Rust, corrosion and wear have been reduced.

    As a result of this success CG8000-2 is now used on T-Head and Pivot Pins. This provides an added bonus of grease rationalisation – just “ONE” grease is needed.

    Through the use of Cougar Performance Lubricants, Worldwide Recovery Systems have achieved highly efficient maintenance practises and reduced their maintenance downtime costs by 50%!

    Our thanks go to Worldwide Recovery Systems for allowing us to share this success story.