Industrial Lubricants


    BP Mitchell, a leading company based in Hertfordshire, was founded over twenty years ago by Brendan Mitchell whose vision was to provide a multi-skills service to the construction industry on a "Whenever - Whatever" basis.

    BP Mitchell operate a large fleet of Scania; “Truck Mixers," "Grab and Tipper Hire," as well as Sand and Gravel Quarrying.

    Mitchell's offer the best Quality of Reliability and Service, to do this their vehicles must be kept on the road at all times, in all weather conditions; snow, ice, fog, rain and heat.

    Universal Joints have always been a concern with such loads in adverse operating conditions in the Quarries and Construction Sites.

    Mr Allen Moran - Fleet Engineer, trialled Cougar 8350 Semi Synthetic Multi-Complex EP 2 in the Scania Universal Joints of the 4 Series 32 tonne tippers. After a few months, it became clear that not only did Cougar 8350 last longer than the previous EP2 Grease, but the Universal Joints were far better protected during stone and gravel loading in both dry and wet conditions.

    Mr Richard Tassell - Transport Manager, confirmed that U-J purchases during the first two years reduced considerably. The cost of a Universal Joint was around £1800 with supply and fitting (2009) “A tube of Cougar 8350 is well worth the money!"

    Since that initial success back in 2009, the use of Cougar High Performance Lubricants has been extended to other applications, including Cougar 8000-1 Protean WT EP1 through Groeneveld CLS systems on all New Scania Chassis points, in addition to Cougar 8350 on the Propshafts.

    Cougar performance products do not emulsify, drip or run, they protect the Wheel Bearings, U-J;s, King Pins, Brake Cams, for much longer periods than conventional lubricants and reduce the need for expensive replacement parts.

    Cougar thank Mr Brendan Mitchell for inviting “Cougar" to play an important role as a member of their Engineering Team.